#ForAccessibleHomes 2017 videos

We commissioned two new videos as part of our 2017 #ForAccessibleHomes campaign. These were launched on social media during the #ForAccessibleHomes Day of Action on Friday 8 September 2017, as we campaigned for the Government, local councils and property developers to recognise the importance of accessible homes and to increase the number that are built in the UK.

Sam's #ForAccessibleHomes story

Sam Renke is an actress and activist living in London. After making the brave decision to give up her career as a high school teacher and come to London to live her dream, finding somewhere to live that suited her accessibility needs was nigh on impossible. This video tells her story.

With subtitles:

Andrew's #ForAccessibleHomes story

Andrew is a trained chef and music lover. He was born in London but grew up in rural Somerset. When his disability meant he needed to live somewhere less remote, he moved back to London. Having an accessible home has helped him stay involved in his community. This is his story.

With subtitles: