Welcome to #ForAccessibleHomes 2019!

We've been running our #ForAccessibleHomes campaign since 2016 and we've been delighted with the impact of the campaign so far.

From 9-13 September, we’re running a week of action to make a big impression and raise awareness of the lack of accessible homes in the UK. 

Just 7% of the housing stock in England has basic access features. We know that too many disabled and older people are living in unsuitable housing, which can impact on their ability to live independently. We know that inclusive, accessible homes are great for everyone, allowing us to use our homes throughout our whole lives as our needs change.

In order to make sure that there are enough accessible homes for everyone who needs them, The Government, local authorities, planners, developers and communities all have their part to play to address the shortage of accessible homes.

We're #ForAccessibleHomes, are you?

#ForAccessibleHomes blog

Sinéad Butters, PlaceShapers: "Our collective role in regenerating and renewing communities offers a clear opportunity for us to lead on delivering well-designed, inclusive and adaptable homes"

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With such a large proportion of disabled people housed by the social sector, and our rapidly ageing population, the design of the physical spaces that we build and manage is increasingly critical in supporting our tenants’ health and wellbeing. Building with the future of the home in mind – not just its initial occupants but a series of households over the lifetime of the property, is so important and sits well with the current thinking on energy efficiency and climate impacts. 

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