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#ForAccessibleHomes 2018

Thank you to everyone who joined our 2018 week of action and made it a success. 

There are more than 13 million disabled people in the UK, and our society is ageing rapidly, yet only 7% of our homes provide even basic accessibility features. Without a local and national commitment to the housing needs of disabled and older people, there is a real danger that new homes are even less likely to be accessible, storing up problems for the people that live in them and placing more strain on public spending over time.

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  • We've developed a pledge to help you champion accessible homes in your area, for more information, send us an email.


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#ForAccessibleHomes blog

"This is where I want to be" Mr Wheaton's accessible homes story

image-Mr Wheaton.jpg

Mr Wheaton is a 52 year old tenant in Leeds. His new accessible home helps him stay connected to his son and the local community. 

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