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Stay safe this Bonfire Night

As we’re all in lockdown once more, some tenants might be glad for the opportunity to get outdoors for Bonfire Night and see some fireworks, but it’s important that it’s done safely.

The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) has produced safety tips on how to use fireworks responsibly to protect you and the people around you from harm.

Be considerate to others
Let neighbours know in advance if you’re planning to let off fireworks so they can take steps to protect vulnerable people and animals.

Follow fireworks instructions
Make sure you read the instructions on the firework box thoroughly before you light it.

The box will include details on how to light the firework and how far away people should stand. If you don’t understand the instructions, it’s a good idea not to light the firework.

Keep animals safe

Dogs and cats are usually frightened of fireworks so you should ensure they’re safely inside your home.

If you have other pets living outside, such as guinea pigs or rabbits, you might want to consider whether you need to bring them inside for the night.

Adhere to fireworks curfew

It is against the law for anyone to set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am. Please be sure to respect your community on Bonfire Night by adhering to the firework curfew.

The Fire Brigade provides Bonfire Night safety advice including safety tips for bonfires, sparklers and fireworks, when you can buy and let off fireworks during the year and what type to buy.

For more information on Bonfire Night in your area, check your local council’s website.

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