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Lockdown Angels series: Jermain & Davina

During lockdown, we asked our tenants to nominate the Lockdown Angels in their neighbourhood who they feel went above and beyond for their community. Last week, at Habinteg’s 50th anniversary event, the six Lockdown Angels were brought up to the (virtual) stage to be recognised and discuss their good work with chair of Habinteg’s board, Manny Lewis.  

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing these Angels and highlighting some of the great work they did to be recognised by their neighbours. This week, we’ll be focusing on Jermain Jackman from our Finsbury Park scheme and Davina Watson from our Rotherham scheme.

Davina Watson nominated by neighbourhood coordinator Cleo Charles

dwDavina is a busy mother of 3, and she put in a lot of work over the lockdown period to support other tenants. She organised shopping for people who couldn’t get out, set up a neighbours Facebook page, encouraged everyone to join in the clap for carers and even organised a celebration for VE day. This has all helped make the community a lot closer and made it a happier place to live.

Speaking of lockdown and her nomination, Davina said: "lockdown was a challenging time for many of us. When it was announced I immediately knew I wanted to do something so I set up a Facebook page and sent a letter to all my neighbours inviting them to join. I also provided my number in a letter I sent out to my neighbours, saying they could ring if they needed anything.

“It was lovely connecting with my neighbours and lovely seeing people come out for clap for Carers. I'm grateful for the nomination but even more grateful that I got to connect with my neighbours old and new.”

Jermain Jackman nominated by fellow tenant Patience Williams

jjJermain was nominated by his neighbour, Patience, for throwing a socially distanced concert that got the attention of his whole community and the media. Jermain, who you might recognise as the winner of The Voice UK, joined up with his twin sister to create the show and it’s safe to say his neighbours were impressed.

Jermain says: “As a singer, whenever I go through dark times I find joy, happiness and comfort through performing and music and I had notice the community spirit every Thursday when the whole neighbourhood would clap for our hard working NHS staff. But I felt like we should do more to bring the community together and bring them the joy, happiness and comfort, during the dark times through the only way I know how - singing. So my twin sister, Chanelle and I planned, organised a free ‘socially distanced’ COVID-19 concert.”

Manny Lewis, Chair of Habinteg’s Board, added: “It’s safe to say that this year has been like none other with the sudden spread of COVID-19. During some of the tough times this year, it was community spirit and the help of individuals that kept many people going. That’s why it was an honour to recognise and speak to the Habinteg tenants who went above and beyond for their neighbours during lockdown. Each individual who was put forward improved the life of at least one person during lockdown so it’s great that they can be rewarded in some way. They are all truly angels.”

We’d like to thank Davina and Jermain again for their extra efforts during lockdown to bring their community together.

You can find out more about Habinteg’s 50th anniversary event here: https://www.habinteg.org.uk/latest-news/housing-minister-lost-voice-guy-sector-mark-50-years-of-habinteg-1628

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