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Be aware of email scammers during the pandemic

Be aware of email scammers during the pandemic

As we start the second lockdown, it’s important to be aware of criminals attempting to make money from the crisis online.

Cybercriminals may try to take advantage as we all go back indoors to gain access to our personal information. This can be done in many forms, but email scams are probably the most popular way.

What are email scams?

Emails scams can be done in many ways, but usually consist of an email message that might ask you to open an attachment.

If you click on the attachment, you’re likely to download malicious software onto your device.

This software could allow cyber criminals to take control of your computer and access your personal information and financial data.

How do I protect myself from potential COVID-19 email scams

  • Keep an eye out for online requests for personal information. It’s likely that any email asking you for information, like your login details or password, is a scam. Legitimate organisations will not ask you for that, so don’t provide any information.
  • Be aware of any attachments or links sent to you from an email address you’re not familiar with.
  • Check where an unfamiliar email address or link leads. Inspect links by using your mouse to hover over the URL. If the link leads to an odd looking web address, delete the email immediately.
  • Make sure you verify the identity of anyone emailing you stating they are from your bank, housing association, Netflix, Apple or any other organisation you are a part of or subscribe to.

Learn more about how to spot different scams and protect yourself.

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