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Advice for people shielding paused by government

Last month, advice for people shielding was paused by the government as COVID-19 cases continued to fall. The government is advising that people who were shielding do not need to shield now, unless your area has additional local restrictions, in which case there will be specific guidance for you. You can find out if your area has local restrictions in place here.

What does this mean if I’ve been shielding?

If you’ve been shielding over the past few months, the government has now deemed it safe for you to come out of self-isolation, leave your home and even go back to work. You can find details on what the new guidance entails here.

Mandatory safety checks in homes resume for all

The health and safety of Habinteg tenants is our priority. As your landlord, we are legally obliged to carry out annual safety checks such as gas safety inspections. During lockdown, we were able to postpone some of these checks in properties where tenants were shielding. With shielding ending, the new Government guidance advised that all such inspections should resume to business as usual. If you are concerned about our contractors entering your home to perform safety checks please be assured that they will follow all appropriate social distancing measures and use appropriate PPE.

If you have had to postpone an inspection because you were shielding, we will be getting in touch with you soon to arrange an appointment.

Repairs progress with Covid-safe practices in place

The new guidance will also mean that Habinteg contractors can now visit the homes of those people who were shielding to carry out repair works. The second phase of our HabFix programme runs from 15 September 2020 to 6 November 2020.  We have already begun calling tenants to identify non-emergency repairs. If you prefer, you can let us know about your repair through the report a repair form on our website. Please be assured that all our contractors and their operatives have been fully briefed on social distancing rules and will complete works in a Covid-secure manner.

If you or a family member are self-isolating, or if you have concerns about Habinteg undertaking safety checks in your home, then please get in touch to let us know by calling 0300 365 3100.

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