Community Assistants

Our tenants often face social and physical barriers that can make everyday decisions and activities more difficult.

Habinteg’s site-based Community Assistants help our tenants to overcome these barriers. They:

  • Provide flexible support - so as little or as much support as is required
  • Are the first port of call for tenants who want help or information. Often, they assist the tenant themselves.
  • Can help to liaise with other service providers, such as management or maintenance staff from Habinteg or from the local council.

Whilst some tenants require intensive support to live independently, others require only minimal support, possibly on an occasional basis. At Habinteg, the choice is left to the tenant; they can use the Community Assistant service as often or as rarely as they like.

In many areas in which we work, we have a contract with the local authority to provide housing related support services. This is delivered in many cases through our Community Assistants. For more information about our housing and support service, please visit our housing and support page.

We believe our Community Assistants help to promote independence and inclusion for our tenants and further our aim of a truly inclusive society.