Choice Based Lettings

Choice Based Lettings is a scheme allowing people applying for a home, including existing tenants who want to transfer, to bid for properties which become available on a points based system. Not all local authorities in England offer a Choice Based Lettings scheme, so please ask your local council for more information. The rules vary from one region to another, but in most cases the process is as follows: 

  • Available properties from the Council and Housing Associations are advertised locally including via local libraries, housing offices and community centres. There should also be a special website advertising properties in your area. Your local authority should be able to direct you to it.
  • The list of properties available within the scheme will include which type of household can bid for it, for example, if it is for a disabled person, or a household who need a certain number of bedrooms. You can apply for as many properties as you like but you will need to fit the criteria given. In most areas you can bid online, by phone, by text or by post.
  • It is the local authority housing department who run the scheme and allocate the bids it receives in order of priority. The person with the highest priority is usually offered the property.

For more advice you can Contact Habinteg Direct or, if you are an existing Habinteg tenant, discuss it with your Community Assistant or a member of staff.