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Sam's Story

Sam Renke is an actress and campaigner living in east London. Sam lives in a wheelchair accessible Habinteg property, but had difficulty finding a home appropriate for her needs when she moved from the North West to London. 

"The fact that there is limited housing can be frustrating. Even though I feel very grateful to have my now fully accessible home that is adapted to my needs, I do feel a little bit trapped. I am an actor and I may have to go work somewhere else for six months. Would I be able to find somewhere else that suits my needs or would I have to turn down a job opportunity because there’s not enough housing that’s accessible? If I meet someone, if I get married what would happen then? Would I have to ensure I have enough money to buy a property and then adapt it?"


See more of Sam's story here:


Our Insight report: A Forecast for Accessible Homes shows that outside of London, only 23% of new homes are set to meet any access standards. See our findings here.

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