Benefit changes

Stickperson with megaphone and the text "Take charge of the change" Since April 2013 the Government have been making changes to the benefits system that could affect you.

The new rules won’t apply to everyone. They depend on your age, what benefits you receive, what kind of property you live in and who you live with.  

Universal Credit is currently being rolled out across the UK. It’s a new single benefit payment for people who are looking for work or who are on a low income. Claims will be managed online and money will be paid monthly in arrears. You will receive support from the Department for Work and Pensions to help you budget and manage your money. You can also talk to a member of staff about the changes so they can help you to stay in control of your money and on top of your rent.

If the number of people living in your home changes, or you move to Universal Credit, or you are affected by the Benefit Cap, or move to Personal Independence Payments, please talk to your Community Assistant, Housing Manager or contact Habinteg Direct. We can help you arrange payments of rent and point you towards other sources of advice and support.

If you’re unsure about what is changing, use the links below for a short explanation of the main changes:  

Difficulty paying your rent?

Take action as soon as possible if you are having problems paying your rent. You can talk to your Community Assistant, Housing Manager, phone Habinteg Direct, or seek independent help and advice from:

Sources of advice outside Habinteg