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Meeting the housing needs of disabled people

This free 45 page report provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the legislative developments and practice material relevant to meeting the housing needs of disabled people. It is based on the findings of a study commissioned from Habinteg by a group of English local authorities in early 2013.

The focus of the original study was a literature search spanning a period from early 2012 to March 2013. For this edition some key developments from April to August 2013 have been added. The search covered: new and forthcoming legislation and guidance; draft Bills and regulations; departmental reports, policy reviews, announcements and proposals; research and opinion by relevant public and voluntary sector organisations.

This is a recommended read for: housing associations, housing strategy teams, planning authorities, social services, health and social care teams, disability rights organisations.

The report collates findings into broad themes including:

  • Welfare reform, spending and benefit cuts and housing
  • Planning, housing standards and housing;
  • Health, social care and housing
  • Care, support and housing – Bills and proposals
  • Equality, human rights, housing and accessibility
  • Housing adaptations – good practice update

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Meeting the housing needs of disabled people [pdf] 1MB

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