Wheelchair housing design guide

Wheelchair Housing Desgin Guide 2nd edition: front cover of publicationThe second edition of our wheelchair housing design guide, produced with Stephen Thorpe, came out in 2006. The original research was undertaken among a cross-section of wheelchair users, with participation from housing association practitioners, architects and other professionals. Working with wheelchair housing expert and architect Stephen Thorpe, Habinteg updated the guide to reflect statutory and perceptual advances in wheelchair standard design in the built environment.

The wheelchair housing design guide will:

  • Provide design details and good practice examples which take account of current guidelines and regulations.
  • Promote the long term cost and other benefits of designing to wheelchair accessibility standards.
  • Reflect and promote the values and principles of the existing strategies for social inclusion, the Disability Discrimination Act, and the diversity agenda.

For more information about the guide, contact Chris Goodman our Design & Development Manager on 020 7822 8732.

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