What price independent lives

What price independent lives?What price independent lives?, launched on the United Nations Day of Disabled People in 2013, highlights the combined effect of a range of benefit cuts on disabled people’s incomes and the particular threat this poses to independent living.

Through analysis of Habinteg’s data and stories provided by tenants this report demonstrates how disabled people are being hit hardest by the cumulative impact of the government’s welfare reform policies. It shows a complex new postcode lottery emerging as local authorities take different approaches to implementing the new rules and highlights how disabled people in general needs housing have so far fared worst in the implementation of bedroom tax.  

This snapshot of information, taken just six months after the bedroom tax was introduced, sets a sobering context for further benefit cuts that disabled people are likely to face as  Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments are rolled out.

You can find a summary of the main findings here in our news item from Tuesday 3rd December 2013.

Please download the report below. 


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